Slips, Trips and Falls 2016

The Way Forward

Farmers & Fletchers, London, 4th & 5th of October 2016

Jim Flynn

J2 Engineering

Jim Flynn is a Professional Engineer licensed in mechanical and safety engineering and has degrees in both mechanical engineering and the biological sciences.  He has been working as a forensic engineer for the past 30 years.  His initial work was primarily in the areas of machine design, machine guarding and automobile accident reconstruction.  After forming J2 Engineering he co-authored five papers which were published by the Society of Automotive Engineers and presented at the SAE World Congress.  The papers were the result of the development of models for the quantification and utilization of vehicle crush stiffness coefficients in automobile accident analysis.

In 1995 Jim became interested in the analysis of slips, trips and falls.  He joined and later served as Chairman of Committee F13 of ASTM International which creates and monitors standards for pedestrian walkway safety.  Jim conducted independent research in the area of tribometer performance which led to an invitation to join the Biomechanics Group at the USC Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Laboratory where he holds the title of Collaborative Researcher.  Jim’s current research looks at the relationship between required and utilized friction and the biofidelity of tribometers (slip meters).  He has authored or co authored co-authored several papers on tribometry and the biomechanics of slips.

In an effort to provide scientific validity to the analysis of walkway safety, Jim has chaired or co‑chaired seven ASTM sponsored workshops on tribometer performance.  The workshops looked at tribometer precision and bias and compared tribometer performance with the data produced by human subjects walking across the same tested surfaces.  Jim also co-chaired the ASTM International Symposium on the Biomechanics of Slips and Falls which was held at the University of Southern California.