3 Hints to Complete Assignments Quickly

As a professional swimmer and a first-year university student, I had my routine training from 4:30 am to 5:30 am. Afterward, I join a 1.5-hour train to school after biking to the station. My next task is to try not to fall asleep in class.

After class, I join a bus back home and then prepare for an hour of training. This was my usual routine until I retired from swimming in my sophomore year. Although I had a lot of time now, it became my most challenging period, all thanks to homework.

Doing homework and other school assignments in the evening deep into the night made me struggle to wake up for my 8 am classes. Consequently, I grew an apathy towards take-home assignments.

Most students have the same story like mine, while others are still encountering similar challenges. If you are such a person, then this piece is for you. We will address how to complete your homework fast without taking a toll on you.

  1. Sort your assignments

Doing chemistry homework can be tedious and exhaustive; therefore, you need to strategize and develop a proper approach. When you have many assignments to do, you first need to sort them according to the time of delivery. Secondly, separate the difficult ones from the more manageable problems. Afterward, start solving the difficult tasks one after the other. At any point in time when you feel stuck on a problem, please don’t waste time on it; jump to another one. You can later revisit the questions you found difficult to tackle. You can also choose to do a difficult one, then follow it with an easier one to avoid overstressing your brain.

  1. Note Down Details of Sample Problems in Class

Jotting down points and making your notes is one of the best practices to enhance learning. A good learning process is achieved meticulously and not a one-off thing. During lessons, try to record the proceedings by taking notes. Always pay attention to critical points to help you in solving later problems. Putting down notes enhances your studies after class because it serves as a referral point in times of difficulties. You can also seek help from Google, YouTube, or Myhomeworkdone.com when you encounter any problem.

  1. Do Homework at School

This may look unacceptable since take-home assignments are meant to be done at home. However, nothing prevents a student from doing that. Doing your chemistry homework in class improves efficiency, keeps you focused, and achieve quick retention. After class, whatever you learned is still fresh in your mind and easy to remember, so doing your homework immediately helps you do it faster and confidently.


All the above points and more to be discussed in other articles are effective ways to do your assignment fast. Taking notes has been seen as effective because you pick the ideas straight from the classroom. Even if your teacher is a fast talker, pay critical attention, and note important points. You can later explore the issues further when home. Don’t also forget the difficult-start-easy-later technique when you have bulk assignments to do. And if you have a lot of house chores waiting for you at home, do your tasks in the classroom.

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