Literature Review Guidelines for Your Efficient Homework

The literature review section of a research paper is a challenging section for most students as it is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort.  It is a daunting task because of summarizing academic sources of information when handling that English literature paper assignment. To write your research paper quickly, you need all the literature homework help possible. It will start with figuring out how to start a college literature analysis paper. Here are some of the literature review guidelines that will provide you with the literature homework answers you seek. But first, here are some key things to take note of:

  • Have a list of all sources of information you have used in your research paper.
  • Start your paper while referring to the most relevant sources that significantly contributed to understanding the research problem you are tackling.
  • Establish 6the relationship between the sources you have used in your research paper.
  • Show the contribution of the sources of the information to the research topic.
  • Carry out an analysis of the sources before highlighting areas of further studies or errors.

Writing the perfect literature review for your research project

Here are some steps you should follow when writing the literature review section of your research paper so as not to worry about how to write a literature review.

  1. Narrowing down the research topic

When writing a literature review, you need to be specific and provide details as much as possible. Seek counsel from your professor about the number of sources to include in your paper when also figuring out whether to analyze, critique, or carry an evaluation on them. It is usually preferred to use sources that contradict your arguments as they create value for your research paper and make it unique.

  1. Working on the sources

Writing a literature review seems like preparing yourself to write an analytical thesis. Therefore, remember to use the keywords and use credible academic resource materials to make your research paper valuable. Evaluation of your reference material is critical to understand the assumptions and arguments of other scholars in the field of your research topic. Comparing the different models of literature reviews widens your mind of thoughts as you reflect on how other researchers explained the research topic.

  1. Organizing topics

Stick to the correct literature review format to remain relevant in your research paper. Ensure that you present the findings from the other researchers while touching on the important trends in your research topic. Highlight the essential theories to your paper and focus on sources that contribute significantly to the knowledge you intend to provide in your research paper.

Remember to stick to the most current sources of information to ensure that your research paper remains relevant. Old data should be avoided unless highlighting how a theory has evolved over the years.

  1. Working on your review

Providing names of researchers and what they argued about your research topic is the wrong way of doing a literature review. You are to analyze the sources of information while highlighting the topics and ideas of the other researchers before drawing the relationship between the references you have used.  Have a summary of the conclusions based on the latest trends in relation to your topic. Arrange the sources and finding below each of your relevant subheadings.


Keep your literature review organized and flowing thematically while sticking to remaining relevant. Do not forget to evaluate and criticize your sources for building up strong arguments in your paper. Remember to cite all sources used to avoid plagiarism and always proofread your work to check the grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes before submission.

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